Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vampires Pay My Electric Bill

I don't come from a literary background if you're talking about my education. I spent my college years learning how to feed beef cattle. I was an animal husbandry major.

One of the things that makes me most proud of my bookstore is that it's a place where you can feel free to read anything and not be judged...(sorry, snotty English majors...there's no jobs for you here). Yes, we've got an English major or two on staff, but they enjoy fantasy, action novels and the whole host of stuff you love on vacation and in your favorite curled up reading chair.

I think a lot of people don't frequent indie bookstores because they think they're supposed to be picking up Proust and pretending to enjoy it. Take a look at our staff picks and you'll see that we're reading what you want to read.

Nothing wrong with trying to be well-read, but I'm never going to tell a single mom who has three kids and two jobs that she's a lower person because she doesn't feel like reading Hawthorne. (In my opinion, one of the best things about being an adult is that no one can ever force me to read Hawthorne ever again!)

Any reading is improving your life.

That being said, I had a bad bug last bad I was on enough drugs I couldn't read.

My friend Jean loaned me (actually, she kind of tossed the dvd to me in an effort not to touch me) the first season of True Blood when I was sick last week. Charlaine Harris signed at Fountain the day she got the HBO contract.

Super fun. The books are awesome too.

If you want to read the classics, I applaud you. I read a few a year...I love Colette, Faulkner, Camus, Orwell.

The rest of the time I read stuff that entertains me. I love action novels where lots of things blow up. So do my booksellers and I love them for it. I'm currently reading a great mystery with a drag queen detective from Turkey.

Come in and play with us. Reading is our play.

God bless the vampires and the zombies...dead though they may be, they definitely contribute to the Fountain bottom line.

Come see Maggie Stiefvater on Wednesday...she does werewolves and killer faeries. She's a Virginia author who's enjoying great success so we hope you'll come celebrate with us.

See you at the shop. Our booksellers are waiting to serve.

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